Tramways Model Range


Single-section four-axle tram operating in single or multiple unit with 100 per cent low floor.

Technical solutions of the innovative bogie

The basis of the model 71-628 tram is an innovative bogie that allows 100 per cent low floor level throughout the entire area of the passenger compartment. Unlike existing analogues, this bogie can be applied in various modifications of tram.

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The technical solutions applied in this bogie can make it the safest, most practical and comfortable one:
• the bogie has a layout that allows to implement the maximum aisle width (up to 700 mm) in the area above the bogie, which makes it more comfortable for passengers to move around the interior of the tram
• two-stage spring cushioning provides improved smooth motion of the tram
• the most advanced design of the rail brakes suspension ensures the maximum safety of the tram in emergency situations
• the progressive design of the traction clutch allows to increase the transmission overhaul interval up to 300 thousand km. mileage.


  • modern lean-and-slide doors with the widest possible openings
  • anti-corrosion materials used in the tram boarding carriage
  • “color mood”: the interior of the tram can be performed in any color, interior coloristic and lighting solutions include the concept of reflected light, ceiling lighting is performed in the form of a unifies light space
  • wide aisles, convenient for disabled persons and passengers with children
  • comfort and safety
  • meet noise and vibration standards
  • increased speed of passenger exchange
  • 100 per cent low floor for comfortable movement around the tram.



  • Maximum speed, km/h 75
  • Weight, tons 22
  • Seats 33
  • Rated capacity, persons 116
  • Full capacity, persons 166
  • Low floor, % 100
  • Controller type manual
  • Type of brake disc brakes
  • Electricity, V 550
  • On-board voltage 24
  • Doors 4
  • Tram coach lighting LED lines
  • Service life, years 30
  • Driver’s compartment heating climate control
  • Tram heating climate control
  • Bogie Base, mm 1800
  • Wheel diameter, mm 620
  • Track width, mm 1524


  • Vehicle length, mm 16 500 ±50
  • Vehicle width, mm 2 500 +25
  • Vehicle height, mm 3 700

Traction engine

  • Engine power, kW 4*62
  • Engine type asynchronous