Future developments



Technical specification

  • Maximum speed, km/h 65
  • Engine power, kW 8*50
  • Units 5
  • Bogies 3
  • Vehicle length, m 30
  • Vehicle width, m 2.55
  • Vehicle height, m 3.2
  • Weight with rated load, tons, not more than 37.9
  • Maximum weight, tons 60
  • Maximum overcome rise, per cent, not less than 80
  • Minimum curve radius, m 16
  • Track width, mm 1524
  • Bogies base, mm 1900
  • Number of axles 6
  • Number and location of driven axles 4 in the 1st and 5th units
  • Number and location of non-driven axles 2 in the 3rd unit
  • New / worn wheel diameter, mm 660 / 580
  • Traction drive type with IGBT transistors
  • Low floor share, per cent 100
  • Aisle width between seats / in the bogie area, mm, not less than 700 mm / 450
  • Seats 68
  • Rated capacity, persons 170
  • Full capacity, persons 270
  • Number of double-leaf doors 6
  • Width of double-leaf doors, mm, not less than 1300
  • Service period, years 30
  • Number of eqiupped seats for disabled persons 2
  • Number of ramps for disabled people, not less than 1
  • Number of devices for communication with the driver 2
  • Saving energy, per cent Up to 40
  • Catenary range, km Up to 1 at speed 5 km/h
  • Climate system power, kW Up to 70
  • Noise level at speed 40 km/h, aD From 77 to 82
  • Smooth motion in accordance with OST 24.050.16-85 3.5


  • The tram is equipped with a modern climate control system that maintais constant comfortable temperature in the passenger compartment while air curtains above the entrance groups prevent air exchange when the doors are open.
  • Information displays inside the passenger compartment provide real-time information about the current route, air temperature inside and outside the tram, and also inform passengers about the nearest social facilities, sights and historically significant locations.
  • Ceiling lighting is made in the form of a unified light space, creating an effect of magnification. This solution significantly improves the lighting of the passenger compartment throughout the entire area and is adjustable both in terms of brightness and color.
  • Wide aisles and 100 per cent low floor mean convenience and comfort for all types of passengers.
  • Meets noise and vibration standards.

Innovative solutions – our bogie

The basis of the 71-665 tram is an innovative, axleless portal bogie that has no analogues in the Russian Federation. Due to this, a 100 per cent low floor of the tram is ensured, the width of the aisles in the over-bogie area is significantly expanded, which creates additional convenience for the transportation of passengers. This bogie implements the principle of a motor-wheel on the basis of liquid-cooled electric motors.

Applying of separate motors for each of the 4 wheels and the absence of transverse axles between them makes it possible to use the principle of an independent electric differential as independent control of the angular speed of rotation of each wheel separately. This principle can significantly reduce wheel surface wear and improve ride quality.