About the Company

We put things in motion on Earth and in space!

Joint Stock Company Ust-Katav car-building plant (JSC UKCP) was founded on the basis of a city-forming factory, which was a tram car-building factory in Ust-Katav town. 

The main purpose of JSC UKCP establishment was the implementation of measures for the development of projects for the diversification and civil product manufacturing by the organization of the rocket and space industry. A 100% stake in JSC UKCP is owned by the State Space Corporation Roscosmos.

At present, Ust-Katav car-building plant is the oldest car-building company in the whole post-Soviet territory. It was initially commenced in 1758 as a railway factory. The first tram car was manufactured in 1901 under the order of Tiflis City (which at present is Tbilisi). 

In 1960, a special engineering bureau, which was designing trams was founded at the factory. The factory holds the world record as a factory that manufactured the biggest number of the cars of one model, which is 14 991 cars of КТМ-5М (71-605) model. 95% of cities that use tram systems trust us. The comprehensive product portfolio includes 40%, 70% and 100% low-floor trams. In addition we offer modular solutions.


In our work, we combine many years of experience, technologies and cautious treatment of client’s needs and requests. JSC UKCP offers the modern line of trams of various trim levels, as well as a wide range of supplementary services that provide considerable advantages to each user: from passengers and operators to city authorities. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that apart from making civil vehicles, the company manufactures rocket and space items.

JSC UKCP is one of the leaders in the market of the light rail vehicle (LRV) in Russia. It seeks to increase urban mobility and follows the principles of sustainable development and environmental safety.

The priority areas of activity of JSC UKCP are:

- tram production, including overhaul of tram cars;

- space activities;

- production of civil products (pumping for oil products and gas regulating equipment);

- sale of spare parts.

28 000

It is the number trams that have been manufactured at the UKCP production line within the full manufacturing cycle.

Company mission

Our mission is to make truly valuable products, namely, the products for civil population that contribute to sustainable city and urban environment development by making modern, high-tech and environmentally friendly transport means of the generation SMART, as well as the products of rocket and space industry that contribute to further human outer space exploration outside the Earth.

3 351 employees

Everyday 3351 qualified employees are engaged in manufacturing.

More than 50%

It is JSC UKCP’s share in the tram pool of the country.

The year of 1901

We have been manufacturing trams since 1901, which allows us to integrate unique production experience with innovative projects.

44 ha

It is the territory occupied by JSC for manufacturing. The company is the main employer of Chelyabinsk Region.


Innovative complex of solutions and systems

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Due to realization of the smart city concept, transport network speed increases, traffic together with the number of traffic accidents reduces.

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Decrease in polluting emissions (CO2). Decrease in noise. Partial solution of automobile waste recycling issue (waste oil, tires, etc.)

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Implementation of the concept that tram is an architectural element of the city. Branding of the tram exterior for urban purposes.

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100 per cent low floor. Wi-Fi, USB slots for charging devices. Modern information systems.

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Intelligent systems for helping a driver. Active and passive safety systems.

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Provision of services for repair and restoration of tram cars that have reached their service life. Sale of components and spare parts for all cars manufactured by UKCP. 

Manufacturing of special rail equipment according to the requirements and needs of the customer.