Gas-regulating and pumping equipment


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It is used for pumping the following:
 - light (gasoline, diesel fuel) and dark (oils, fuel oil residue) oil products,
 - viscous mud oil residue from tanks, cisterns, tankers, storages.

Main advantages:
 - pumping of high viscous fluids up to 500 centistoke and high gas content fluids. Till the present day, it was possible only with the use of piston pumps.
 - pumping of fluids with high content of large hard particles (up to 5 mm).


  • Suction head, m 7,5
  • Dimensions, mm 1160x950x850
  • Weight, kg 110
  • Engine power, kW 7,4
  • Pump pressure, m 34...5
  • Power Diesel engine
  • Capacity, m3/h 10...110
  • Temperature of pumped fluid, °С, not more than 90
  • Revolution rate, rpm 4500
The main feature of spiral casing (screw) pump assemblies is that screw wheels are used in them. The wheels have special screw blades with constant or variable pitch.

It gives us an inter-blade channel that enables low hydrodynamical load of blades and high anti-cavitation and power characteristics.

Spiral casing screw pumps are a pump option adapted from outer space engineering.

It is essential:
 - in emergencies for pumping viscous mud fluids.
 - for basic work at oil plants, service racks, in industrial wastewater systems.
 -when dealing with petroleum and oil product spills.
 - when pumping oil products from subsurface tanks.

Conventional marking
 MODN 120/70
102 is a rotor diameter, mm
70 is feeding