Roscosmos corporation gave a name of Chelyabinsk Meteor to an in-house manufactured tram

19 — 06 — 2019

Roscosmos corporation gave a name of Chelyabinsk Meteor to an in-house manufactured tram
A tram named Chelyabinsk Meteor

Moscow City, 19 June, Novosti Russian state news agency 

In Saint-Petersburg, Roscosmos presented a low floor tram that was named Chelyabinsk Meteor. 

“The innovative forum of passenger transport named SmartTRANSPORT is taking place in Saint-Petersburg. Our Ust-Katav car-building plant presented a 100 per cent low-floor tram named Chelyabinsk Meteor. Other interesting models have already been developed. We wait for your orders!”, state corporation head Dmitry Rogozin twitted. 

Earlier Mr. Rogozin said that Roscosmos and Invitro company would create a joint venture to design a medical tram coach. This vehicle will be unmanned.  It was earlier reported that Mr. Rogozin renamed a rocket Soyuz-5 into Irtysh. Also he named a super-heavy rocket Yenisei, as well as a landing module of joint with Europe ExoMars mission to Mars (2020)—Kazachok. Moreover, he announced that a space craft Federatsiya would be renamed. In addition, on his watch, the name of the base bank in rocket and space industry was changed to Roscosmosbank. 

In 2013, Chelyabinsk City became world known after a major meteorite fell there. The latter entered the Earth atmosphere on 15 February 2013 at about 07:10 Moscow time and caused an intense explosion in the atmosphere at the height of 30-50 km. Numerous fragments fell across the vast territory of Chelyabinsk Region. The explosion was observed by thousands of people in Ural and North Kazakhstan. Due to the explosive wave, in hundred thousand houses in Chelyabinsk City and its suburbs glasses were smashed out.

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