For the first time after manufacturing resumption, tram coaches from Ust-Katav plant were sent to a client

10 — 06 — 2019

For the first time after manufacturing resumption, tram coaches from Ust-Katav plant were sent to a client

Moscow City, 10 June, TASS news agency 

Two first tram coaches were sent by Ust-Katav car-building plant (UKCP plant, Chelyabinsk Region) to Magnitogorsk City after the plant stood idle for a year. This was said in a press release of United Rocket Space Corporation. 

“The first two tram coaches were sent to Magnitogorsk City today. In accordance with the schedule three more trams will have arrived there by 24 June”, it was remarked in the message. 

Other tram coaches (UKCP plant undertook to supply 15 coaches in total) will be shipped before the middle of September. A special logo made to celebrate the city’s jubilee will decorate the trams. 

The press service informed that the vehicles “have wide doorways and low floor areas in the central part of a coach”. It improves the speed of passenger boarding and drop off, as well as it is convenient for physically challenged people and mothers with baby carriages. 

The order for manufacturing tram coaches for Magnitogorsk City increased the manufacturing load for more than 30% in the second part of 2019. 

Manufacturing resumption 

At the end of May, Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin twitted that Ust-Katav car-building plant resumed its work after an idle year. In accordance with the information on Goszakupki website, Ust-Katav car-building plant won a contract to supply trams to this city. The plant will supply 15 tram coaches for 258.7 million rubles. 

In his letter to Chelyabinsk Region Governor, Mr. Rogozin said that UKCP plant in the nearest future would require an order of 100 tram coaches for renewing tram pools of Chelyabinsk and Magnitogorsk Cities. In the letter, it was mentioned that if the order was not placed, it might cause the stoppage of manufacturing at the plant and mass dismissals. 

Ust-Katav car-building plant is one of the branches of M. V. Khrunichev Center, which is a part of Roscosmos. It is planned to make UKCP plant an independent legal entity.

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