A medical tram will be designed in Russia

25 — 03 — 2019

A medical tram will be designed in Russia

Moscow City, 25 March, TASS news agency 

United Rocket Space Corporation (URSC) together with Invitro company is discussing a project of designing a medical tram coach on the basis of Ust-Katav car-building plant (UKCP plant, Chelyabinsk Region). General Director of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin told journalists about that. 

“As to UKCP plant, it is transferred to URSC, which together with Invitro company is planning a joint venture. Now it is resolved to design the first trial medical tram that will have two or three coaches. After testing it, marketing research will be done. If people like it, then why not?”, Mr. Rogozin said. He added that in this tram any person may get minimal medical aid. The tram is considered to be unmanned. 

“Invitro company will be an investor. They are interested in it. For now, we are planning to make one trial tram using their sponsorship”, he added. 

Roscosmos head said that there had been made a decision to make all Khrunichev Center branches, including Ust-Katav plant, independent legal entities.

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