Ust-Katav plant sent the first tram built for Kuban Region capital—Krasnodar City

16 — 07 — 2019

In the next several days the first tram will arrive in the region’s center. In accordance with the Krasnodar City’s specification, the new tram is equipped with a powerful air conditioning system. Moreover, the cabin trim includes wi-fi and USB slots for charging devices.

“The first tram that is manufactured in accordance with Krasnodar City specification is on its way to our city and soon will come into operation. By the end of the month we will have received three more trams. A summer test is especially important for us, as we need to test the tram in the hottest weather conditions. The main thing is for the passengers to assess it. We will test the new vehicle in operation,” said the head of the municipal unit named Krasnodar City Yevgeny Pervyshov.

Together with the first tram a team of service engineers will come to Kuban region capital. They will adjust the tram car on site and take part in tests.

This year 35 new trams will come into operation: 31 one-section trams and four three-section trams.

As Yevgeny Pervyshov says it is the most large-scale renewal of the tram pool in the modern history of Krasnodar. It became possible with the help of Kuban Region Governor Veniamin Kondratyev under whose resolution the territorial budget allocated 3 billion rubles for three-year new tram purchase program.

All new trams are low-floor. They are equipped with ramps for physically challenged passengers, cabin and driver’s compartment air-conditioning systems. Krasnodar trams will become the first in Russia to have air conditioning of 36 kWt. They also are equipped with direct door opening, a radio information system, wheelchair site, wi-fi and USB charging spots. Modern multimedia systems will be installed for informing passengers. This system will convey information about the route and stopes, news, advise and other content.

“This tram car is an exclusive model for Krasnodar City to a great extent. Pursuant to the city administration order air conditioning system that is a half as much powerful as in other Russian regions was installed in it. An individual design was made. It is very important for us to make such a big order timely and with high-quality,” said Chief Designing Engineer Ust-Katav car-building plant Oleg Slepakov.

The tram has four doors, one of which is with the ramp for physically challenged people and mothers with baby carriages. Almost a half of the cabin floor is low, the other part has average floor.

The tram car’s average speed is 62 km/h, maximum speed is 75 km/h. The cabin is equipped with LED lighting. There 33 seats. Total passenger capacity is 187. Unmanned mode may be used within 1-kilometer distance. When the tram car engages the brakes, it is possible to recuperate electric power into the overhead catenary.

For physically challenged people, the tram car is equipped with special zones for wheelchairs, security belts and ramps.

The factory has already made 315 trams of this series they are successfully operated in 22 Russian cities and proved themselves to be comfortable and reliable vehicles.

S. M. Kirov Ust-Katav car-building plant is located in Ust-Katav City of Chelyabinsk Region. It is the oldest factory in Russia to manufacture trams. It’s ancestor—ironworks—was founded back in 1758. It has been manufacturing trams since 1901. That year several cars were sent to Yekaterinograd.

Now the factory is a part of Joint Stock Company «United Rocket Space Corporation»(JSC «URSC» “URSC”).

At present, the tram pool of Krasnodar Tram Trolleybus Directorate Municipal Unitary Enterprise is comprised of 268 trams the average age of which is 29 years. 156 vehicles need to be replaced. This means of transport make 50% of total passenger transportation of Krasnodar City.

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