The UKCP factory is the key point of Mr. Teksler’s visit to Ust-Katav

6 — 08 — 2019

Aleksei Teksler found out about the UKCP factory’s problems as soon as he had been appointed Provisional Deputy Governor. Together with Dmitry Rogozin he tackled the issue of intensifying tram manufacturing. Due to joint effort 15 new trams came to Magnitogorsk City. That is exactly why his visit to the UKCP factory started with tram manufacturing section.

Aleksei Leonidovich examined the undercarriage assemble unit, frame assembly unit, as well as the manufacturing line where there are trams for Krasnodar City at various manufacturing stage. He thoroughly studied car options. However, he was more interested whether there is a possibility to manufacture full low-floor trams at the factory. He was shown one tram car like that. It was tram car model 71-633. After finding out the tram car’s technical characteristics and its competitive advantages, Aleksei Teksler suggested to factory director Artyom Bakharev to test the tram car in Chelyabinsk to show it to full advantage.

Under Chisty Vozdukh (Clean Air) Federal Project that addresses the issues of environment conditions improvement and polluting emissions reduction in Chelyabinsk, gas engine busses are bought this year. Only modern trams might become a point of interest in the regional capital. The next year under this project, about a billion rubles will be allocated. Aleksei Teksler underlined that he would like to see UKCP trams on Chelyabisk City streets, as well as Magnitogorsk City and Zlatoust City. For this reason, the factory needs to be ready to supply new trams and have competitive advantages.

“There are also state orders. We agreed to move in this direction. At Roscosmos meeting we will discuss these issues. However, the development direction is clear,” said the Region Head after visiting the second manufacturing point.

Let us remind you that Joint Stock Company «United Rocket Space Corporation» founded Joint Stock Company Ust-Katav car-building plant to diversify civil product manufacturing. Upon the decision of the General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation, this autumn an asset group of S. M. Kirov Ust-Katav car-building plant, a branch of M. V. Khruchinev State Space Research and Production Center is transferred to Joint Stock Company Ust-Katav car-building plant.

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