The first smart tram of UKCP factory started its first route in Krasnodar City

8 — 08 — 2019

Today in Krasnodar City in a solemn atmosphere the first tram of the limited series named Kuban manufactured at Ust-Katav car-building plant (UKCP factory) started its route No. 5.

New trams of model 71-623-04 are not only cutting-edge equipped, but also are smart. They change the nature of a ride in a public vehicle. A tram car is now more comfortable for both a passenger and driver. It saves more, is more modern and safer. It is more comfortable for disabled people, elderly people, and for mothers with baby carriages.

It is easy to recognize a smart tram car. Their white displays show large font letters and automatically adapt to street lights by becoming brighter and clearer in the evening. Tram stops are announced automatically using GPS coordinates. It means that the driver does not have to get distracted from driving and push additional buttons. Both outside and inside video surveillance system recognizes faces and state number plates of cars even when it is dark. A nice bonus for the passengers is electric power sockets in the cabin for charging mobile devices. Free wi-fi and truly powerful air conditioner are also there.

In accordance with the words of Krasnodar City Mayor Yevgeny Pervyshov the factory made a great work to prepare the tram. This model stands out from what is available in the city. Kuban model is equipped in accordance with modern requirements to city passenger transport. It is comfortable to be inside.

“After this new tram car is on the route, a new page in development of Krasnodar City public transport is opened,” said the City Mayor. “In fact, exactly today the program of the largest renewal of the public transport in the modern city history starts for the citizens. Within three years we will get about a hundred new trams. Those are new trams with various options that the old vehicles lacked. Everything is done to make tram rides more comfortable and convenient. Even now passengers may evaluate a ride on the new vehicle. Exactly this appreciation is precious for us.”

Besides General Director of JSC UKCP (which is a part of JSC URSC) Roman Novikov thanked the City Mayor and its deputy Artyom Doronin for giving credence to the factory

“One of the main characteristics of the new tram is that it is equipped with air conditioning of 36 kWt and thermal air curtain mode for open doors both in winter and in summer,” said Roman Novikov. “The system ensures comfortable microclimate in the cabin at the outside temperature up to +45 °С. When the doors are closed, it is +23 °С in the cabin.”

Moreover, there are special screens in smart trams. They look like a trapeze under the ceiling at the central tram car gathering site. These screens constantly show the vehicle’s position, nearest stops, further route on a real-time basis. These screens are equipped with PTV-TRION module that informs people about various dangers automatically and timely, including nature and anthropogenic emergencies. In fact, it is a full-value structural element of a regional automated system of centralized informing. Working principle: when there is an emergency, a duty officer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia sends a warning to all screens in trams and they start broadcasting this warning automatically, stopping entertainment programs as well. Within just one minute after an emergency, all tram passengers obtain necessary instructions and current information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

However, the main thing is that those trams are made specially for Krasnodar City and are of limited edition. That is why they are called Kuban. The name was chosen on purpose. The region is closely connected to space exploration. Natives of this land often went to outer space. For example, Gennady Padalka, born in Krasnodar, holds the world record for the total time spent in outer space. To honor the Russian hero, who was born in this region, UKCP factory, which is a part of Roscosmos State Corporation, suggested calling these trams with a pleasant and even home-like word “Kuban”.

Krasnodar became the first city in Krasnodar Territory that solved its transport matter on a full-scale basis. Modern technologies change life for the better. And this is only beginning.

Let us remind you that Joint Stock Company «United Rocket Space Corporation» founded Joint Stock Company Ust-Katav car-building plant to diversify civil product manufacturing. Upon the decision of the General Director of Roscosmos State Corporation, this autumn an asset group of S. M. Kirov Ust-Katav car-building plant, a branch of M. V. Khruchinev State Space Research and Production Center is transferred to Joint Stock Company Ust-Katav car-building plant.

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